About Us

The growing need for new food sources in the light of population growth and the limited availability of resources has made it necessary to use new sources based on modern technologies, but the use of inputs to enhance performance, regardless of the quality of production and effects The probability of laying on the soil structure is not possible. Therefore, it is necessary to produce and distribute inputs in agriculture with a view to sustainable development, quantitative increase, and quality improvement. Kissam Karmania Co. is proud to cooperate with a team of researchers and researchers in various fields such as plant nutrition, pests and diseases, and … by producing high-quality inputs to increase production per unit area with a qualitative look. The company’s products are manufactured and delivered to the market using the best quality raw materials and after qualitative testing.

The company’s privileges include:

The use of knowledgeable and knowledgeable faculty in various fields of its activity
Adapting the basket items of the company’s products to the climatic conditions of Iran
Scientific and technical support from consumers
Expanding the market for consumption through farmer training
There are more than 10 kinds of goods in the basket of products of the company
Assign a significant portion of the company’s products to organic and biological products
A detailed survey of the country’s consumption market and global market

Production of organic matter sources to reduce adverse environmental effects
Pesticide production using organic materials in order to achieve sustainable agricultural goals

With the consumption of our products, we hope to see the production of a healthy and organic product, with high quality and high performance, and attracting the attention of experts and farmers as the ultimate target group of these products, we will be proud as well.